About Evergreen Court in North Bend, OR

About Evergreen Court

There's an inviting community right in the heart of Oregon's Bay Area, where you'll find comfortable residences in a garden setting and personal services that promote independence and well-being.

Evergreen Court presents a hilltop view of the beautiful Coos Bay estuary and is surrounded by 14 acres of sheltering trees, park-like areas and pathways. We are proud of our community and welcome the opportunity to share it with you!

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Evergreen Court


451 O'Connell St North Bend, OR 97459

Founders of Evergreen Court in North Bend, Oregon

A Radiant Senior Living Community

Evergreen Court is a Radiant Senior Living community. Radiant Senior Living is owned and operated by James and Jodi Guffee who, along with their family, have been dedicated to providing the highest quality living options for seniors for over 40 years. Radiant Senior Living operates 19 communities in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada, Colorado, and Idaho. For more information on Radiant Senior Living and their communities please visit the website, www.RadiantSeniorLiving.Com.

Radiant Senior Living 

We are proud to be a Radiant Senior Living Community.

As part of the Radiant Senior LIving family of senior communities, we are offered support systems and experience that allows for us to focus on providing the best care for our residents.